Story and Tradition
Giuseppe Sartirana, founder of the Company, in 1938 starts off repairing horse drawn vehicles.
With the fast evolution of the agriculture mechanization in Italy, the Company main activity changes. With the name of A.R.M.A. the Company starts to produce side delivery hay rakes, hay tedders and rakes, walk behind mowers and consequently, develops marketing and distribution activities.
A.R.M.A. introduces, during the important international trade show at Milano (Italy), Europe’s first engine driven side delivery rake, the “Velox”.

The production and development of agricultural machinery continues till the end of the 60`s and at the same time the Company starts to maintain earth moving machinery for some of the most important companies in this sector.
The decision to change the main activity of the Company from the production of small machines concentrating all efforts and investments in the production and distribution of a wide range of cutting components for all kinds of harvest machinery, marks also a change in the name of the Company into Ri.Ma, acronym of “Ricambi Macchine Agricole” (meaning “spare parts for agricultural machineries”).

The new Company strategy drives Ri.Ma in approaching new European Countries and, overseas, the Centre/South America.
The brilliant results in export activities are the key to triplicate turnover in this period and Ri.Ma is awarded with the prestigious gold medal of the Chamber of Commerce in honour of the excellent export efforts.
As consequence of the development of Company expertise on new product lines, like in the combine harvester sector, the market position is further developed on the existing markets and the first steps are done into the growing Middle and Eastern European markets.
The important growth in these areas leads to the opening of a sales office in Warstein (Germany). From there the Company and the brand Ri.Ma is quickly promoted in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.
After more than 60 years Ri.Ma moves its offices, production and warehouse to new and modern premises at Settimo Milanese (MI, Italy).
The distribution in Italy is consolidated through distribution centres in North, Central and South Italy.
In order to meet new challenges on North Africa and Middle East markets, an Area Manager is employed to consolidate existing sales channels and to develop new ones.

In order to strengthen the market position in Poland and the presence on the Eastern European Market a new branch is opened in Opole (Poland).
Since Poland is considered to become one of the most important agricultural countries in Europe, after joining the European Union, this step is of strategic importance.
Ri.Ma establish the Export Dept. “HEART” of all the export activities of the Group where move also the commercial activities of the office in Warstein (D). This team, thanks to a strong synergy of resources and targets, coordinates all the foreign incoming enquiries giving support to all the customers and partners.
Three generations of the same owner family have formed the Company Ri.Ma. Every generation has given new impulses for the development of the Company, new goals and results. Not less important is the fact that all generations were able to maintain the Company’s focus on the needs of the customers, to have a very close and familiar relationship to their employees and to pay attention to the environment and the Company’s position in a social context.